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Acothane DW Polyurethane Tank Lining


The ACOTHANE DW Solvent Free Polyurethane coating formulation was developed in the UK during 1979/80. Following extensive independent testing by a variety of major industry test houses including British Gas, CEGB, NNC, Thames Water and major Oil Operators such as BP and Shell, the formulation was accepted by these major operators and registered in the UK in 1984.

The ACOTHANE DW Polyurethane coating is designed to be applied to steel, concrete and glass reinforced plastic substrates included bridges and structures, off shore and marine structures, pipelines and water retaining structures.

History of Acothane DW Formulae

In October 2012, COVAC became an applicator for Acothane DW Solvent Free Polyurethane coating. With a proven track record, now spanning three decades, Acothane DW continues to be manufactured and applied in a wide variety of industries, predominantly for the repair and relining of water and liquid retaining structures. At COVAC we use Polyurethane coating when undertaking water tank relines and water tank coating – effectively repairing the problem and presenting a cost-effective alternative to water tank replacement.