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For detailed documentation of some of the Cooling Towers & AHUs we have repaired and refurbished using our bespoke cooling tower coating, please see the case study links below.

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Cooling Towers & Air Handler Units

Air Handler Units (AHU's)

Cooling Tower Coating - A Unique Solution

When an existing cooling tower coating comes to the end of its useful life, it is essential that is relined as quickly as possible to reduce the risks of contamination from bacteria such as legionella. COVAC use the very highest quality cooling tower coating in the form of Acothane DW Solvent Free Polyurethane which offers numerous benefits alongside ensuring a long lasting and easy clean finish.

A cooling tower coating can deteriorate over a period of time leading to poor chemical resistance, sub-film corrosion and leaking. If not treated, the internal substrate of the cooling tower will erode further, which significantly increases the risks of micro-bacterial growth such as Legionella (which can lead to an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease) as well as Biofilm and Pseudomonas.

Acothane DW

This highly effective cooling tower coating has been specially formulated for use in the water industry. Its easy clean, ceramic tile-like finish has been proven to resist the growth of bacteria such as Legionella and has excellent chemical resistance, essential when dosing as part of a water treatment programme.

Additional benefits of the Acothane DW cooling tower coating include an outstanding record when used in cooling towers and other water retaining structures, solvent free technology and a fast curing time which reduces the downtime of your cooling tower. Every cooling tower coating carried out by COVAC is issued with a minimum 10 year guarantee against corrosion, erosion and leaking.

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