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Case Study - Effluent Tanks

Client: Manufacturing Company

Project Brief: The Internal Relining of 3 No. Cylindrical, Steel, Waste Water Vessels

System Specification: Solvent Free Polyurethane

COVAC Contract Ref: 852

Summary of Works

3no. cylindrical vessels, each constructed of steel, lined with a glass coated product internally and externally and positioned onto a concrete base, which forms the internal floor surface.

Large Vessel (Blend Tank No. 1) Internal

water tank drained water tank drained

Draining and removal of the remaining water and sludge.

water tank drained and cleaned water tank drained and cleaned

The internal surfaces of the vessel having been completely drained of water but prior to preparation work commencing.

water tank before treatment water tank before treatment

The tank was sheeted off before grit blasting preparation commenced to help protect the surrounding area from contamination and inclement weather conditions.

water tank cleaned and repaired water tank cleaned and repaired

The failed jointing compound was removed by COVAC operatives and the floor was prepared by COVAC Operatives in accordance with ISO 8501-1:2007.

water tank floor prepared water tank floor prepared

After preparation, new polyurethane mastic was then applied between the walls and floor area and after curing, Clear Sealer was applied to the concrete floor.


water tank tripe coated water tank stripe coated

The substrates having receive the 1st full coat of Solvent Free Polyurethane.

water tank polyurethane coated water tank polyurethane coated

The following images show the final application of the 2nd coat of Polyurethane Solvent Free coating (grey).

water tank polyurethane coated water tank polyurethane coated

Small areas where ladders etc. had been placed were manually snagged after coating was sufficiently cured to stand on.

water tank polyurethane coated water tank polyurethane coated

Tank fully relined and returned to service.

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