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Antibacterial Protection and Water Tank Lining

Posted on February 6, 2012

Any water tank’s internal substrate can suffer from corrosion or erosion unless lined correctly.  Whilst many people may consider this to be a minor issue that requires a small amount of maintenance, ignoring the problem can be disastrous as a neglected water tank lining can encourage bacterial growth which inevitably contaminates the water supplied.  Often the corrosion/erosion is severe enough to produce the added risk of holes/splits and subsequent leaking.  At COVAC, we specialise in water tank linings using specially developed, scientifically proven products that can protect your water tank for a minimum of 10 years.

Why Do Water Tank Linings Corrode?

Water tank linings usually begin to corrode when an existing lining reaches the end of its useful life due to non-compliance, low film build, sub-film corrosion, general deterioration and subsequent de-bonding.  Often, non-approved paint such as bitumen has been used. These paints usually have carcinogenic properties that can filter into the water supply due to the high tar content.  All of these factors leave your water tank lining susceptible to extensive corrosion.

Corroded water tank

Corroded water tank

Why Is This A Problem?

If a corroding water tank is ignored, the internal steel substrate continues to corrode and will inevitably lead to micro aquatic bacterial growth including Legionella (which can potentially lead to Legionnaires disease), Pseudomonas and Biofilm.

Another serious concern is that extensive corrosion can lead to a weakened substrate and lining which is susceptible to leaking. Particularly with large water tanks, the consequences of a weakened substrate and lining can be catastrophic.

What Is The Solution?

Due to the growing concern with regards to water contamination, those responsible for water tanks are required to ensure they use water tank lining solutions that comply with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, Drinking Water Inspectorate regulations and ACoP L8. At COVAC, we can apply the specially developed 3M™ Scotchkote™ Solvent Free Urethane Coating 165PW which provides an economical and environmentally friendly solution that will give excellent protection against water tank corrosion.

Same water tank after full reline by COVAC

After Coating by COVAC using 3M Scotchkote Urthane Coating 165PW

For more information about how we can help to sustain the longevity of your water tank with our water tank lining products and service, don’t hesitate to call us at COVAC today on 08000 484609.

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