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Case Study- Concrete Water Tanks at a Hospital in the North of England

Posted on November 23, 2012

Recently, the team at COVAC were set with the task of repairing and relining two concrete water tanks at a hospital in the North of England. With both tanks sized 8m x 5.5m x 3m and in need of considerable repair, this was a large scale project as the (now banned) bitumen based internal coating previously used on the tanks had reached the end of its useful life so needed to be replaced before any further problems arose.

The two tanks were both used for potable water, and the previous coating was now de-bonding from the concrete substrate. If left, this could have caused serious problems as bacteria would have built up and affected the quality of the water stored inside the tank, and therefore the safety of those using it. Furthermore, the internal roof of each tank had no protection whatsoever.

The process of repairing the tanks began by preparing all internal surfaces ahead of our team coating them with the COVAC solvent free polyurethane coating. During this stage, we also discovered a number of blow holes and pitted areas that needed to be repaired before the new coating could be introduced.

As soon as the surfaces had been prepared and the additional repairs made, the interior of the concrete tanks were coated with the COVAC solvent free polyurethane coating. A ten year Single Source Responsibility Guarantee was then issued that covers the product and our team’s labour, to give the hospital peace of mind that for the next ten years they would have no further problems with either of the tanks and that the cleaning would be considerably easier and a lot more straightforward than before the repair was conducted.

It is this high quality workmanship and professional approach that has made the team here the first port of call for those requiring water tank repairs or relines, so if you are in this situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch immediately to discover what we at COVAC can do for you.

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