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Case Study- Steel Water Tanks at a University

Posted on December 20, 2012

In September, the COVAC team were asked to repair two heavily corroded sectional steel Braithwaite cold water storage tanks at a University in the North of England. With each storage tank sized at approximately 3.6m x 1.8m x 2.4m this was no small project.  The tanks had been previously coated with a non-approved bitumen which had degraded over time meaning we had a big job on our hands to restore the tanks and make them completely safe for use.Boiler Room

Located in the ground floor boiler room of the University, years of heavy and regular use had taken their toll on both tanks.  The images below show the terrible condition the internal surfaces of the tank were in during our site survey.

Inside Water Tank

Internal surface

Poor condition of water tank

Internal condition of water tank

In certain areas of the tank, the internal surface was in such a poor condition that holes and cracks had developed in the steel substrate, not only resulting in water leaking out but also making the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, possibly, even Legionella. Without our team taking the necessary action to repair the tanks, further deterioration would have been inevitable and increased contamination of the water would have occurred, leading to the supply of unhygienic and possibly harmful water to various outlets along with the very real risk of major structural failure of the tanks.

Holes in water tank

Decline in internal structure

Following repair and preparation of the tanks, we set to work on transforming these dilapidated sectional steel water tanks by relining with the COVAC solvent free polyurethane coating. The University was then issued with our ten year guarantee so they can feel confident that the work we completed will be long lasting and problem free for the next ten years!

Repaired water tank

Relined internal surface

Clean water tank

Safe, clean internal structure

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