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Commercial and Industrial Water Tank Repair

Posted on May 17, 2011

In both commercial and industrial settings, the water tank will often play an important role in everyday efficiency. Therefore should a problem or fault be encountered, the result of this can cause huge inconvenience and disruption. To combat this and reduce the amount of time that your water tank is out of action, we at COVAC are on hand with water tank repair to get your system back up and running.

We pride ourselves on technical excellence to fully repair your water tank no matter what its size or where it is situated. Unfortunately any structure containing water is prone to faults, as over time the liquid can begin to wear away the internal surfacing forcing a repair to be undertaken in order to restore the structural stability of the tank.

A water tank is an asset for both commercial and industrial premises so it is vitally important that you call upon our specialist team at the earliest opportunity following the discovery of a problem. Corrosion and erosion on the interior of your water tank will affect the water within it so our fully trained operatives will implement the best course of action to resolve this before the issue becomes more advanced.

A further problem faced with owning and running a water tank is the potential for excessive growth of bacteria in the cavities and cracks that are prone to appearing in all tanks. Offering a cost effective solution compared to complete tank replacement, we at COVAC will use our specially formulated, solvent free interior coating to fill the gaps and reduce the risk to you and anyone else with access to the water.

To avoid the high costs associated with replacement and the prolonged downtime of your water services, we strongly encourage everyone in the commercial or industrial sector to call on our services for water tank repair at the first sign of a problem. Contacting our team here at COVAC will ensure that the most effective course of action will always be put in place.

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