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Coolest water tower conversions around the world!

Posted on April 5, 2018

Water towers are more than just the standard tall red-bricked tower. There are many water towers that are no longer in use, but are now being transformed into striking profile on skylines all across the world. Most are being converted into holiday retreats and restaurants for the community to enjoy.

Check out some of the most eye-catching conversions!

1: Chateau d’eau, Zaventem, Belgium

This mid-20th-century tower was renovated and is now primarily used as a business venue with space for up to 50 people.

2: Nagyerdei Víztorony, Debrecen, Hungary

This functioning water tower in Debrecen, Hungary also operates as a bar, cafe, shop and gallery, and comes equipped with an observation deck and a climbing wall.

3: Stede Hill, Kent, UK

This converted Edwardian water tower in Kent is now a four-bedroom property, with a spiral staircase connecting three levels.

4: Tank House, New York, USA

Architects transformed this tower into an ‘urban retreat’: a space for reading, relaxing and listening to music.

5: Appleton Water Tower, Norfolk, UK

Norwich architects have transformed this tower into a habitable place and added an extended internal staircase.

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