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How much do you really know about cooling towers?

Posted on November 16, 2017

cooling towerHave you ever wondered how cooling towers actually work? Here’s a quick breakdown of what they exactly are and what they are used for.

What is a cooling tower?

Cooling towers are used to cool down the water that gets heated up by industrial equipment and processes. The hot water goes into the cooling tower and leaves the process as cold air.

How do they work?

All cooling towers have a heat exchanger that transfer wasted heat to the atmosphere. They allow water and air to come together to lower the temperature of the hot water.

Although there are many different types of cooling towers, they all work based on the principle of evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling is the process where warm water from an industrial process is pushed up to the top of the cooling tower. This then gets distributed to the wet deck, forcing the water to evaporate

What are they used for?

Cooling towers are generally used for getting rid of excess heat from a chiller. Water-cooled chillers are normally more energy efficient than air-cooled chillers.

Types of cooling tower systems

Cooling towers are usually designed for a specific purpose, but there are various different towers that exist such as:

  • Natural draft cooling towers.
  • Mechanical draft cooling towers.
  • Crossflow towers.
  • Counterflow towers.

At Covac we also specialise in refurbishing cooling towers.  We use Acothane DW that offers numerous economic, technical and environmental features and benefits for use in cooling tower refurbishment and AHU’s.

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