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How to Repair a GRP Water Tank

Posted on April 6, 2011

If your GRP water tank is in need of repair and/or relining, the decision on who to choose to carry out the work can be difficult, in addition, you may also be worried that a repair simply won’t solve the problem, and that perhaps a replacement tank will be necessary. The first step in getting your GRP water tank back to its prime is to call our team here at COVAC. We have the skill, experience and passion for this specialist work to ensure the right course of action is carried out. For expert water tank repair, we are the people to contact.

To understand the best methods of repairing a GRP water tank, it is firstly essential to identify the potential problems within a water tank. Problems often occur when the mastic between the joints of the GRP panels begins to deteriorate resulting in significant leakage of water from the joints with, sometimes, catastrophic results.

Leaking GRP

We are the leaders in the industry, providing solutions developed by our very own team and manufactured by 3M.  Our solutions, utilizing 3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165PW,  effectively fight the problems associated with both corrosion of the steel fastenings, GRP erosion and leaking of your water tank.

The coating we use is proven to resist the growth of bacteria and mould, also preventing further potential corrosion of the steel fastenings and erosion, ensuring the longevity and easy cleaning of your water tank.

Black Mould & blisters in the gel coat

Our effective coating will fully repair your GRP water tank, at a much more cost effective price than the charge of replacing the tank. In addition, repairing the tank as opposed to replacing it also reduces disruption to the workplace and minimises interruption to the water services.  We will also offer a ten year guarantee on completion of the work which covers erosion, corrosion and leaks from joints.

Fully relined, being refilled

If you are in need of expertly provided water tank repair, allow the specialist team here at COVAC to provide a proven solution that could prevent associated problems for years to come. For professional advice and repair work you can trust, explore our website today and browse through our case studies, services and frequently asked questions, or alternatively contact us directly on 08000 484609.

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