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Leaking From a Newly Installed GRP Water tank

Posted on December 8, 2011

COVAC were recently called into a University building in the north of England to survey a leaking GRP water tank that had only been installed for just over a year.  During the survey we discovered that the newly installed tank was leaking from various jointed areas on both tank compartments:

On inspection it was discovered that the initial tensioning of the panel fixings varied from loose to hand tight  and that the mastic used between the panels had already started to deteriorate and this, combined with the excessive structural movement of the plastic tank had led to leaking of the tank from these jointed areas.

Due to the poor quality of the existing mastic and substandard initial installation, COVAC recommended that the water tank fixings should be correctly tensioned and the internal of the tank fully relined incorporating specialist materials over the joints to prevent any future leaking.  As the one year guarantee from the manufacturer/ installer had just expired the Client gratefully accepted COVAC’s advice and we undertook the project issuing a full ten year guarantee on our labour and materials used upon completion.

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