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Preventing Pseudomonas with Cooling Tower Coating

Posted on September 19, 2012

Alongside legionella (a bacterial growth that can lead to legionnaires disease which we have covered a lot lately due to the outbreak) and Biofilm, another harmful bacteria group that can thrive in poorly maintained cooling towers is Pseudomonas – a growth that can lead to various health and hygiene problems. Is there a way to prevent pseudomonas and other harmful bacteria from taking hold and creating health risks in your cooling tower? Well
luckily there is, COVAC are experts in cooling tower coating, repair and refurbishment.

Cooling Tower Sump Before Coating

Cooling Tower Sump After Coating that Prevents Corrosion

Coating that Prevents Corrosion

Even a small degree of corrosion on the internal surfaces of your cooling tower can provide all the nutrients required for the growth of pseudomonas and other harmful bacteria. It is therefore recommended that the surfaces of your cooling tower are coated with an easy clean, durable protective coating because this will greatly reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and make future cleaning and maintenance far more effective and easier, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your cooling tower and the water being processed inside of it is in a healthy condition.

The coating used by COVAC is a solvent free polyurethane specially formulated for use in the water industry and we confidently give a minimum 10 year guarantee on all work undertaken by our teams of highly skilled and fully trained operatives.

Cooling Tower Sump Before Refurbishment

Cooling Tower Sump After Refurbishment

If you would like to ensure the cooling tower you are responsible for meets current regulations please contact us today and find out more or browse our website.

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