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Professional Water Tank Repair

Posted on April 20, 2011

In order to ensure efficiency at all times, any problem with your water tank should be dealt with at the earliest opportunity. If left to progress without action severe and costly consequences further down the line are inevitable. To prevent this from happening COVAC strongly encourage all those responsible for water quality and a reliable supply to call on our professional service for water tank repair to resolve any issues.

One of the most common problems related to water tanks is the corrosion or erosion of the internal surfaces. This can consequently lead to the growth of various forms of bacteria that can then infect the water and put all those who come into contact with it at risk. When you notice this occurring, calling on our expert team will ensure that the problem is resolved using the latest, solvent free coating that is guaranteed to be long lasting whilst providing an easy clean, impact resistant, yet flexible finish.

Working in accordance with ACoP L8 which encourages companies to maintain ‘the cleanliness of the system and the water in it,’ you can rest assured that we do our utmost to ensure that all water tank repairs are completed to the very highest standard and avoid the use of any materials that could potentially harbour the growth of bacteria.

A further common problem with water tanks is the development of leaks from the various joints that hold the tank together. If these leaks are not rectified you can continually lose a considerable amount of water and as time progresses the whole structure will be significantly weakened. At COVAC we can repair and protect the joints thus strengthening the structure and preventing the risk of future leaking.

Offering a professional service for water tank repair, COVAC can deal with all manner of problems regarding storage tanks no matter what their size, location or storage capacity. To discuss the repair of your tank further, feel free to give us a call today.

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