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What are Plastic Water Storage Tanks used for?

Posted on February 12, 2018

Plastic water storage

Water tanks are designed in many different materials to store clean water for drinking, chemical manufacturing, agricultural farming and many other uses.

One of the most common materials used is plastic.

Plastic water storage tanks are widely used for storing rainwater and drinking water, but they can also be used for commercial purposes.

You may have come across two different types of plastic water tanks.


Polyethylene is a hard durable plastic that is used in most plastic tanks. It’s also widely recognised and is used in many household items such as food wrappers, toys and plastic bags. They are also the cost-effective option for water storage tanks.


This material is generally used for conditions where there are high operating temperatures. Polypropylene can handle temperatures up to 212 degrees, and its high stress and crack resistance features makes it ideal for commercial storage and transporting chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers.

One of the benefits to plastic tanks compared to steel tanks is that they are resistant to corrosion, therefore; they can have a longer lifespan.  They are also very easy to handle and simple to install.


Plastic water tanks are also available in many different colours such as black, beige, dark green and light green. It’s important to speak with the manufacturer about selecting the colour of your tank, as the right colour would block out the sun, eliminating any algae growth.

Whether you opt for the steel tanks or prefer the plastic, it’s always best to consider what you will be using the water tanks for, and the location in which the tank will be placed. This would help to decide which type of water tank would be best suited for your purpose!

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