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What are the Benefits of a Tank Reline?

Posted on May 3, 2012

If you have a water tank then it is essential that you ensure it stays in good condition to provide clean, healthy water. Unfortunately, it is likely that over time your tank is going to succumb to corrosion, erosion and possible leaking.  At COVAC, we specialise in providing an expert tank reline service for concrete, GRP, steel and metal tanks.

Many people may put off relining of their water tank because of budget constraints. However, repairing the considerable damage that a leaking tank can cause, not to mention the health issues of a contaminated tank can prove very costly. Investment now in a tank reline and repair can be properly budgeted for and save significantly in the future as COVAC offer a minimum 10 year guarantee against leaking, corrosion and erosion.

Corroded Sectional Steel Tank

Sectional Steel after Tank Reline

Over the years, we have developed a first-class reputation for the quality of our service, as well as our technical excellence. We understand that when it comes to water tanks, we are operating in a highly sensitive environment, and with this in mind, we only use the best product. The COVAC Urethane System provides an excellent level of refurbishment for all types of water tanks.

We take great pride in the fact that our supreme service has allowed us to become the UK’s only approved supplier and applicator of this urethane product.

To find out more about how the tank reline service we offer at COVAC can help you extend the life of your tank and help ensure your water remains clean, contact us on 08000 484609 or alternatively send us a message or query using our online contact form.

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