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What is involved in Relining Cooling Towers and Air Handling Units?

Posted on May 21, 2012

There will undoubtedly come a time when your Cooling Tower or Air Handling Unit’s (AHU’s) internal surfaces have become corroded or the initial coating has started to break down due to everyday use and possibly, chemical attack. While the first thought may be to replace the unit, a more cost effective and long term maybe the thorough AHU or cooling tower repair and relining we provide at COVAC.

The complete relining of the internal surfaces of your Air Handling Unit or Cooling Tower using COVAC’s Solvent Free Polyurethane System offers the ultimate corrosion resistant solution and has both chemical resistance and elongation properties accommodating the movement associated with these type of structures.

Cooling Tower Sump Before Reline by COVAC

Cooling Tower Sump After Relining by COVAC

At COVAC, we are the sole UK Supplier and Approved Applicator of a solvent free urethane coating system which offers a breadth of benefits when relining Cooling Towers and Air Handling Units. The process of relining your Air Handling Unit or Cooling Tower with this high-performance coating can be carried out in a much shorter amount of time than it would take to completely replace the unit, and will involve the entire refurbishment, resurfacing, application of the coating to all interior surfaces which will leave it with a smooth, tough, ceramic tile-like finish which is easy to clean, maintain and will afford you benefits that include the following:

- Resistance of the growth of bacteria and micro-aquatic organisms
- Long life performance with minimal maintenance
- High degree of flexibility, capable of accommodating structural movement
- Long term guarantee on relining completion
- High Levels of impact and chemical resistance
- Extremely fast curing times

Air Handling Unit Before Refurbishment by COVAC

AHU After Refurbishment by COVAC

AHU and cooling tower repair using COVAC and our Urethane Coating System is invariably more cost effective than a replacement, so contact us today to find out more and to repair your Air Handling Unit or Cooling Tower.

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