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What Problems are Associated with GRP Tanks?

Posted on October 26, 2012

Whilst many see the replacement of an existing steel water tank with a brand new GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) tank as the ‘ultimate solution’, there are still a few important things to bear in mind and potential problems that should be considered. COVAC can inform you of such problems to ensure you are fully aware and so can make an informed decision as to whether the purchase of a GRP tank is a sound investment for the future or if the refurbishment of your existing tank would be a better option.

Erosion of the GRP Substrate

The potential build-up of micro aquatic organisms in fine cracks and cavities that can develop within a GRP tank and the subsequent osmotic blisters means that they will eventually burst and distribute their contents into the water inside the tank.  This is not good if there is a risk of the water coming into contact with humans.

Fungi Growth

A common form of fungi to be found in GRP tanks is Black spore fungi which is renowned for spreading quickly and can be very difficult to remove. Where water and air combine at an ambient temperature, the spores will multiply at a rapid rate, producing a grey or black mould growth on the inside of the tank, which could be a potential health hazard.

Deterioration of Joints

The quick deterioration of the mastic used between the joints of a GRP tank is a common problem the COVAC team are called in to remedy. Following day to day use, whether this is years or sometimes months, alongside the structural movement associated with water retaining structures and chemicals used, the joints can become weak and lead to leaking from these problem areas.  Steel bolts holding these panels together can also corrode and subsequently provide a safe harbour for bacterial growth.

So, as you can see the decision to replace a steel tank is something that should be carefully considered.  However, if the decision has already been made and you have a GRP tank with any of the above problems these can still be resolved with an effective water tank repair by COVAC, repairing, relining and guaranteeing the tank for a minimum of ten years.

The project below shows a GRP in a London gym.  The mastic between the joints had deteriorated and was subsequently leaking water from numerous areas between the joints:-

If you are considering replacing your existing tanks or have noticed any or all of these problems in your GRP tank, it is best to call upon our team at the earliest opportunity so we can implement an effective water tank repair and ensure the tank is safe for use. For further information on the services our team can provide or if you have any questions regarding the condition of your water tank, get in touch with us today by calling 08000 484609 or filling out our online contact form.

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