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Acothane DW Nationwide Water Tank Services


Posted on December 24, 2014

The magnificent and imposing presence of water towers make for some striking additions to the skylines of the UK.

But they do need their upkeep. Over the years Covac has worked tirelessly to develop the best possible methods products to ensure that these towers continue to stay in the best condition they can be.

One example was a project for a Scottish water authority to provide the internal lining of two concrete water towers – Craigend and Garthamlock in Glasgow. The two iconic water towers are a well known feature of Glasgow’s skyline and were originally built to supply Glasgow with water from Loch Katrine.

The product that the Covac team used was Acothane DW at 1000 microns thickness. Both structures had previously been coated with bitumen which had reached the end of its useful life.

The entire surface received a fairing coat (1-3 mm) of cementitious lining finished with a damp sponge to create a profiled surface comparable to coarse abrasive paper. The fairing coat was then allowed to cure for the correct time before application of Acothane LV Clear Sealer.

Since October 2012, COVAC has been the sole UK supplier for Acothane DW Solvent Free Polyurethane coating. With a proven track record, now spanning more than three decades, Acothane DW was developed at the end of the 1970s and continues to be manufactured and applied in a wide variety of industries, predominantly for the repair and relining of water and liquid retaining structures.

The ACOTHANE Polyurethane coating is designed to be applied to steel, concrete and glass reinforced plastic substrates included bridges and structures, off shore and marine structures, pipelines and water retaining structures.

At COVAC we use Polyurethane coating when undertaking water tank relines and water tank coating – effectively repairing the problem and presenting a cost-effective alternative to water tank replacement.

The benefits of Acothane are numerous, with economic, environmental and technical features including:

  • Solvent free technology
  • Very fast during times even at low temperatures
  • It’s very flexible and able to accommodate structural movement
  • Superb adhesion to steel, concrete, and other substrates
  • High levels of Impact and chemical resistance
  • Reduced downtime of storage tanks and process vessels
  • Long life performance and minimal maintenance
  • Easy clean ceramic tile like finish
  • Application by brush/ roller of plural component spray equipment
  • Excellent track record for applications such as drinking water tanks, cooling towers, reservoirs etc.

To maintain the required film thickness at welds, edges, bolt heads and other sharp protuberances a stripe coat can be applied to the areas prior to carrying out the overall application.

During application, our operatives also carry out regular checks of wet thickness with a wet film thickness gauge to ensure specified thickness is applied.

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