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Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Update

Posted on June 20, 2012

The spread of the outbreak of Legionnaires disease which struck the Edinburgh area recently seems to have slowed.  There has been two fatalities, 39 confirmed cases and a further 49 suspected cases to date, however more cases are expected.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Edinburgh council are still trying to trace the source of the outbreak. A distillery Company and a pharmaceutical Company have so far been served with improvement notices on their cooling towers but the precise source of the outbreak may never be known.

Very often even companies that are dosing their cooling towers correctly can still have problems.  If the cooling tower substrates and bolts holding the panels together are corroded they cannot be cleaned effectively, additionally, this corrosion provides an ideal food source for the Legionella bacteria along with a safe haven from the chemicals trying to eradicate them.

BAC Cooling Tower before Relining

BAC Cooling Tower after relining by COVAC

To combat these problems COVAC can expertly repair and completely reline the internal surfaces of cooling towers with a water industry approved, solvent free urethane coating system.  This coating system provides a flexible yet impact resistant lining with an easy clean, ceramic tile like finish making future maintenance and water treatment so much easier and more effective.

COVAC offer a minimum 10 year guarantee against corrosion, erosion and leaking on all work undertaken making relining cooling towers a very cost effective solution.

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