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Acothane DW Nationwide Water Tank Services

What We Do

COVAC are the industry leaders in water tank repair, water tank refurbishment, and water tank coating. We specialise in the refurbishment of all types of water storage tanks and structures combining decades of experience with the most effective, high performance coating technology, Acothane DW.

Our reputation for high quality and exceptional service has been successfully built on the foundations of technical excellence, hands on experience and practical common sense. Due to the highly sensitive parameters involved in the upgrading of potable and drinking water retaining structures, today's sophisticated market demands far more than just a product manufacturer and a separate contractor to carry out the work. We pride ourselves on providing a unequalled service, offering application of Acothane DW Solvent Free Polyurethane.

Before and After of a Water Tank had been refurbished

The Acothane DW Product

This product, combined with the application skills of COVAC's dedicated operatives, provides the ultimate in the repair and relining of concrete, steel and plastic water storage tanks and structures located in some of the most extreme and sensitive environments. Acothane DW consistently produces a quality water tank lining. Our impressive track record and subsequent success. This allows us to provide long term "Single Source Responsibility" Guarantees, which offers total peace of mind to clients who need to protect their assets for the future against any potential, unexpected costs.

Our Team

All COVAC's site operatives work over and above the most stringent European Standards and Guidelines and have been fully trained and certified to achieve optimum quality of surface preparation, application techniques and a resultant finish that provides the ultimate in long term protection.

Quality Assurance

Large Water Tank Repair Project Following successful completion of every individual project that we undertake, the client is submitted with a COVAC Completion Report which includes detailed information such as:

  • A written summary of actual work carried out.
  • Images showing strategic stages of the project.
  • Quality Assurance procedures.
  • A long term guarantee.

» View an example completion report (cooling tower report)

This systematic and practical approach combined with our specialist knowledge gained from many years in the industry means that cost effective and clearly defined tailored solutions and guarantees can be designed to meet our client's needs.

We constantly put our expertise, impassioned knowledge and professional integrity on the line to explore solutions for the ever increasing demands and challenges set by you, our clients.