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Acothane DW Nationwide Water Tank Services

Why Covac?

COVAC are the industry leaders in providing long-term protective solutions to combat the problem of corrosion and erosion of water retaining structures, utilising the very best in high performance, solvent free coating technology, Acothane DW. Consequently, we have been instrumental in assisting many high profile clients to meet the ultimate goal of supplying consistently fresh, high quality, potable and drinking water. We don't just provide water tank repair, we provide a long term solution for the structure of your tank.

Our Ethos

COVAC is a very team orientated company and all of our people are key to our current and future performance. All of our Site Supervisors and Operatives are trained to the highest standard, being completely focused on technical excellence and client satisfaction whilst operating with professionalism and practical common sense. We constantly strive to prevent environmental harm in all our activities and are committed to acting responsibly and consistently improving our eco-friendly performance at every stage of each project.

Promoting a positive safety culture is paramount within our organisation and we believe it is essential in providing a framework for the effective management of safety and monitoring our performance whilst delivering sustainable benefits and enhancements wherever possible.

So, if you and your company need a water tank refurbishment, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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COVAC Credentials for Water Tank Refurbishment and Repair

COVAC Credentials for Water Tank Refurbishment and Repair