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Access and inspection hatches are deemed to be very important and are considered a requirement for safety in inspecting water retaining structures. An access hatch allows you to assess any faults and problems with your tank so it can continue to function sufficiently. By fitting a low-level access hatch, you will no longer need a tripod and winch, meaning that access becomes easier and safer at the base of your tank.

Here at COVAC our expert team can fit your tank with a new inspection hatch or replace your current one, so you can preserve the life of your water tank. By fitting a hatch future maintenance and inspections can be carried out with more ease and in a safe manner. This will also comply with ACOP L8 to improve your health and safety while cleaning and chlorinating your water retaining structures.

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Water Tank Access Hatch

A water tank inspection hatch is essential for water tanks to allow you to safely inspect your tank to see if everything is working properly and to check for any faults. At Covac we can ensure that your access hatch is functioning right with our professional service.

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