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Hot well tanks can be susceptible to corrosion, deterioration and leaking, especially if they have not been lined properly. COVAC can provide you with an excellent hot well tank lining and repair service to reduce and prevent these problems from occurring.

Our professional team will offer you a long term solution by relining and repairing your tank, so it is ready to function efficiently again. All of our hot well tank lining and similar services come with a 10-year guarantee, so in the unlikely event of a problem, the COVAC team will be on hand to fix any faults.

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Hot Well Tank Repair

As experts in tank lining and relining with over 25 years of industry experience, there is very rarely a tank system issue we cannot solve. We understand that industrial applications using steam boilers regularly rely on hot well water tanks as they provide an efficient process and quality steam generation. However, hot well tanks can be liable to scaling, cratering and corrosion which will ultimately reduce their down time.

Thankfully, here at COVAC, our hot well tank repair service is the exact solution you need. Our hot well tank repair service is simply second to none and will help you avoid any costly replacements of young or old tanks and will get them back up and running. Upon completion, you will have a fully functioning hot well tank that is corrosion and chemical resistant while coming with a 10 year guarantee. Get in contact with us today for further information about our tank lining services.

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What is a hot well tank?

A hot well tank is a reservoir in which hot water is collected before being circulated into a water system. These types of tanks are typically used to supply water unintended for consumption to radiators throughout public and residential buildings

How often should you clean a hot well tank?

We recommend you have your hot well tank cleaned by an experienced professional every six months to prevent microbiological growth and tank deterioration. It is important you have a specialist clean your tank to stay safe and ensure your tank is thoroughly clean.

What is the life expectancy of hot well tanks?

The estimated life expectancy of hot well tanks ranges from roughly 8 to 12 years with regular maintenance. Neglecting cleaning, disinfection, or inspections can cause accelerated deterioration. Water tanks decay naturally due to the constant exposure to water, but falling behind on maintenance can encourage cracks to worsen, bacteria to multiply, and organic matter to build up.

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