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Cooling towers often begin to corrode due to the original coating delaminating and breaking down, which can lead to poor chemical resistance and leaking. If left untreated, your cooling towers could develop sludge and scale which is associated with legionnaires disease as it provides essential nutrients for legionella to grow. Thankfully, here at COVAC, all of these problems can be readily solved with our cooling tower repair service which utilises a ACOTHANE DW coating system.

Our cooling tower repairs will provide you with a complete new lining to help fix any faults you may have in your cooling tower to get it back to its usual operating self. The ACOTHANE DW coating is easy to clean and maintain, making legionella control much easier and will ensure you avoid any problems in future.

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Cooling Tower Refurbishment

As experts in the liquid tank lining and refurbishment, we understand that cooling towers are rarely taken out of operation and that the atmosphere in and around the cooling tower is constantly warm and damp which are ideal conditions for corrosion and harmful bacteria to grow. If your cooling tower is suspected to contain harmful bacteria then it is recommended that you opt for our cooling tower refurbishment service.

We understand that cooling towers are subject to varying ambient and water quality conditions and will require some form of mechanical repair or refurbishment over time. Thankfully, Our highly skilled and fully qualified water tank engineers can supply you with effective cooling tower refurbishment practices to help mitigate the problems that may arise with neglected cooling towers.

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Where are cooling towers used for?

Cooling towers are used primarily as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning solution for industrial buildings. They offer a cost-effective and energy-efficient method of cooling large systems that over 1,500 industrial facilities use across the country.

How often should cooling towers be cleaned and maintained?

Cooling towers should be cleaned and maintained at least twice a year to ensure optimal performance and reduce the chances of microbial contamination. If your water tank has proven to harbour microbiological growth in a previous assessment, more regular cleaning may be required.

Can legionella grow in cooling towers?

Yes. Legionella can develop inside a cooling tower without regular and thorough maintenance. Cooling towers use fans to remove excessive internal heat, which blows air vapour containing the Legionella bacteria into the air. Legionella can cause severe illness. So it is essential you have your cooling tower checked for Legionella regularly.

What are common signs that a cooling tower needs repair?

Common signs that a cooling tower needs repair include reduced cooling efficiency, water leaks, corrosion, unusual noises during operation, and uneven water distribution over the fill material. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to these signs are essential to prevent further damage.

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