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Potable water tanks are essential to many buildings and locations as they provide them consumable water. These tanks need to be regularly maintained and must conform with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), so you can trust that the water stored is safe for consumption. If however you suspect that your water tank is degrading, then it is recommended that you opt for a potable water tank lining service.

Fortunately, here at COVAC, our potable water tank lining service provides a suitable solution to maintain your water tank and to supply clean and uncontaminated water to a location you desire. Our service ensures that your water tank continues to function fully, so you can rest assured that the water you store is safe for drinking. Whether your potable water tank is suffering from bacterial problems or is leaking, our professionals can provide you with an effective solution.

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Potable Water Tank Repair

Our potable water tank repair service is simply second to none and is the ideal solution if you suspect any leakages or general wear and tear of your portable water tank. As experts in water tank repairs and relining with over 25 years of successful business, our fully trained and highly knowledgeable team will provide you with an effective potable water tank repair service that will increase the longevity of your water system for many years to come.

We offer a comprehensive range of WRAS approved coatings, linings and repair products for cost effective refurbishment of your potable water tank. The finished tank lining is also provided with a 10 year guarantee so that you, the client, can rest assured that you are totally covered when you opt to go with our potable water tank repair service.

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What makes a water tank potable?

The difference between a potable water tank and an ordinary water tank is that potable tanks store water fit for human consumption. For a potable water tank to be classified as fit for storing consumable water, it has to meet several WRAS requirements to ensure the water is safe for drinking.

How long does potable water last in a tank?

Drinking water should only be left to sit in a potable water tank for six months at a time. The water inside the tank should be drained and replaced after this period. To preserve the potability of the water, the internal temperature of the tank should be from 10–21°C to prevent bacterial growth.

How often should potable water tanks be cleaned?

Your potable water tank should be inspected and professionally cleaned at least once a year. If any previous inspections of your tank reveal bacterial contamination, your tank should undergo maintenance more regularly.


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