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Galvanised steel water tanks are important in many different industries, so it is crucial that they are properly lined to function without any faults. Flat steel tanks are often susceptible to corroding due to original coatings not protecting metal substrates which leads to the breakdown of the material. Thankfully, here at COVAC, we offer a galvanised steel water tank lining service which can help combat any issues that may occur with your steel water tanks.

Failure to sufficiently line your steel water tank leaves the possibility of bacteria such as legionella, to develop so it is vital that this is fixed. At COVAC, we are proud to offer an effective long term solution with our galvanised steel water tank lining and repair service. Our professional team will use our excellent ACOTHANE DW coating which will solve all of the problems above, along with making cleaning and maintenance a much easier process.

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Galvanised Steel Water Tank Repair

Just because a water tank has been prone to corrosion or leaking in the past, it doesn't mean that a complete tank replacement is required. At COVAC, we provide a galvanised steel water tank repair service which will help prevent users from experiencing unnecessary and expensive full on tank replacements.

We use our ACOTHANE DW coating system in all of our work which is proven to resist the growth of bacteria and has high levels of chemical resistance to stop corrosion. This will allow your steel water tank to function efficiently and become longer lasting which will reduce the need for frequent maintenance and repairs. For more information regarding our galvanised steel water tank repair service, contact us or request a free quote today.

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Are Galvanised steel water tanks safe?

Galvanised steel water tanks are incredibly safe. They’re reliable, tough, and durable and utilise a galvanised coating to prevent rust and corrosion. Although the materials used to design galvanised steel water tanks are naturally corrosion resistant, your tank will still benefit from water tank lining to provide an extra layer of protection.

What is the lifespan of a Galvanised steel water tank?

Galvanised steel water tanks have a far greater lifespan than other types of tanks. With regular and thorough maintenance, a galvanised steel water tank can last up to 35 years without sustaining structural damage as a concrete or ordinary steel tank would.

Can Galvanised steel water tanks rust?

Galvanised steel water tanks are not inherently resistant to rust and corrosion. A high-quality water tank lining can provide a protective barrier between the walls of your tank and the water inside to deter rust development and deterioration.

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