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We have been providing Government water tank lining and repair services locally for many years, so we have a vast experience in producing effective long term solutions. Whether you are in need of general repairs for your water retaining structure or your tank has corroded and needs relining, we can solve all of your problems with speed and efficiency.

Our service is carried out by our fully qualified and certified team and comes with a 10-year guarantee, so we will be on hand to fix any unlikely faults that may arise.

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Government Water Tank Repair

If you’re seeing Government water tank repairs, you’ve come to the right place. Here at COVAC, we have over 25 years of experience lining, refurbishing, and repairing an array of different water tanks, including those used by the Government and local authorities. If you’re not sure what exactly is wrong with your water tank and simply know that something isn’t quite right, we can help diagnose the problem and have it fixed before it worsens.

Our service technicians have a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with water tank structures in any environment so you can be assured that a swift and efficient service is performed. Not to mention, our government water tank repairs come with a 10-year guarantee to offer you greater peace of mind.

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