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Concrete water tanks can be susceptible to erosion and deterioration if they are unprotected when coming into contact with even the mildest of chemical solutions. This can cause the concrete to degrade resulting in excess aggregate creating the perfect breeding environment for bacteria to thrive within your water tank.

At COVAC, we provide effective concrete water tank lining services to prevent this from happening. To help combat the erosion, we utilised the heavily sought after ACOTHANE DW coating which is proven to give long lasting results which leaves our customers satisfied each and every time. The concrete water tank lining and repair service is designed to make your water tank system last. Our coating will provide a finish which is much easier to inspect and has high impact resistance, for even better water tank functioning.

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Concrete Water Tank Repair

We understand as key providers of concrete water tank repair services that maintaining your water tank is no easy feat. Chosen mainly for their impressive levels of strength, concrete water tanks are installed to store large volumes of water, typically underground.

However, due to the composition of the material, concrete water tanks are often subject to leaks and leaching which, over time, start to diminish its usefulness. As such, it is likely that you will need to contact a concrete water tank repair service to help mitigate any issues related to the water tank.

Thankfully, COVAC is on hand to provide you with the exact solutions you need to have your water storage systems up and running all year round.

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How long do concrete water tanks last?

Concrete water tanks require very little maintenance and can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance. A great way to ensure your concrete water tank fulfils its lifespan is to have a water tank lining installed to provide an extra barrier of protection between the walls of your concrete water tank and the water inside.

Why do water tanks crack?

Concrete water tanks naturally develop cracks over time due to movement in the ground and the extreme temperature fluctuations we often experience in the UK. Sometimes, it can be hard to identify cracks in concrete water tanks. Fortunately, an experienced professional will identify cracks far faster than those with an untrained eye. So if you suspect that your concrete water tank has a crack, we recommend giving a specialist a call.

How often should a concrete water tank be cleaned?

Concrete water tanks should be cleaned and disinfected at least once a year to keep them functioning optimally and to identify any brewing issues. A thorough, professional cleaning will determine the level of sediment, biological activity, and structural damage that may impact the efficiency of your tank. If you find the water from your concrete tank is unusually coloured or scented, it’s time for a cleaning.

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