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Concrete Tank Repair

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Concrete tanks can become porous if they are left unprotected, leading to undesired cases of erosion and deterioration. However, this can be simply solved with our concrete tank repair service. The concrete tank repair service offered by COVAC is carried out by our fully trained and certified teams who operate above and beyond the most stringent European Standards and Guidelines so that optimum quality is maintained throughout. Not to mention, the tank repair comes with a 10-year guarantee so you, the customer, will never have to feel at risk when opting for our services.

We also use our ACOTHANE DW coating on concrete water tanks to provide a protective and resistant lining, so the growth of bacteria will be prevented in your tank.

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Concrete Water Tank Repair

As experts in water tank relining and repairs with over 25 years of successful business, we understand that your concrete water tanks can have every possibility to develop cracks over time. This may have been due general wear and tear, a direct result of soil shifting beneath the tank or the freeze-thaw cycle expanding and contracting the concrete during extreme weather conditions. Fear not, as our concrete water tank repair service is simply second to none and is sure to get your concrete water system back to its usual operating ways.

Our skilled teams operate above and beyond the most stringent European Standards and Guidelines so that optimum quality is maintained throughout. Not to mention, our concrete water tank repair service comes with a 10-year guarantee so that you can feel protected whenever you decide to opt for any of our water tank services. Contact us below for more information or to receive a quote for our concrete water tank repair service.

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Can you repair a concrete water tank?

Yes. A damaged concrete tank doesn’t make it obsolete. Here at COVAC, we offer concrete tank repair to our customers across the UK and Scotland, regardless of the condition of their tanks. We follow stringent European Standards and Guidelines to correctly and effectively repair concrete water tanks and restore them to their former optimal condition.

Why do concrete water tanks need repairing and relining?

Concrete is a naturally porous material, which means that it will absorb any water inside the tank over time and sustain structural damage doing so. Concrete tank repair and relining will restore and create a barrier between the water and concrete, preventing absorption and ensuring maximum longevity for your tank.

How can you tell if you need concrete tank repair?

Concrete tank repair may be necessary if you notice any unusual behaviours from your water tank. Concrete water tanks can withstand up to 20 years of constant use if treated properly and maintained regularly. But no tank is exempt from natural degradation. If you notice cracks, leaking, strange smells, or the water has an odd appearance, you may need to repair your concrete tank.

How long does concrete tank repair take?

The length of time it takes to repair a concrete water tank depends on the size of your tank and the level of damage it has sustained. Here at COVAC, we strive to complete repairs quickly and efficiently without compromising the quality of our service. But if you’d like to find out just how efficient we can be for your water tank, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote on concrete tank repair today.

Why do concrete tanks degrade?

Concrete tanks degrade for many reasons that can be prevented but not avoided. Degradation is natural and can occur as a result of exposure to UV rays, harsh chemicals, and rust. The best way to prevent degradation in your water tank is by installing high-quality water tank lining to create a barrier between the surface of your concrete tank and any harmful elements that may lie within it.


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