Water Tank Lining vs Water Tank Replacement – Which is Better?

A water tank lining or water tank replacement service can provide an effective solution if you have noticed something wrong with your water tank. However, many people do not necessarily understand the difference between the two and sometimes end up paying more for what is actually required. As such, this article will discuss which is better between water tank relining or a full on tank replacement to help you decide which option is best suited to your current scenario. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Legionella Control

Legionella control is an important disease prevention procedure many businesses and individuals must adhere to in order to prevent long term health issues as a result of inhaling small droplets of contaminated water. Legionella can, in extreme cases, cause serious illness and even fatalities if not maintained and eradicated sufficiently. With this in mind, we have discussed frequently asked questions in relation to Legionella control so that you can consume water in full confidence without risking your well-being.

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What is A Bunded Water Tank And Its Common Uses?

For those of you reading, you may be wondering what a bunded water tank is and will be debating whether it is worthwhile to invest in these nifty liquid containers. With this in mind, we are going to discuss: what a bunded water tank is, other common uses of a bunded tank, what to be mindful of before possessing one, and a final point on what to do if you need any maintenance carried out for your tank. 

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Water Safety Procedures in School Environments

When it comes to water safety in school settings, the emergence of Covid19 has displayed the many dangers of leaving schools unoccupied for lengthened periods of time. Whilst many schools have now welcomed their students back, some had to remain closed to take extra water safety precautions to make sure their students and staff are protected. For example, some schools had to be checked for developing harmful bacteria such as legionella which could have been transported throughout the school’s pipe system.

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How To Get Your Commercial Water System Ready For Spring

While there are many documented articles on how and why to maintain your commercial water system in the winter periods, some of you reading may be interested in how to clean your water system during spring. As such, this article is going to discuss the problems that occur for your water storage tanks during the spring period as well as what we can do to help rectify these problems.

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Water Tank Cleaning Vs Doing It Yourself

Water tank refurbishment and overall cleaning maintenance is a vital practice and an essential part of water hygiene and harmful bacteria control a vital practice and an essential part of water hygiene and harmful bacteria control measures. It is something that should be taken very seriously. By conducting regular maintenance, you will experience higher quality water and an increase in longevity of your water tanks. With this in mind, we will discuss whether conducting your water tank cleaning procedures should be done by yourself or whether you need to consider hiring a professional. 

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Rain Collection System Maintenance Procedures

Having a rain collection system can have many ideal and sought after benefits. For example, they act as an independent water supply which otherwise would be costly or difficult to obtain. In addition, rainwater harvesting tanks are a crucial source of clean water and increase the quantity of potable drinking water available to houses or even citizens in the community. Furthermore, water collected in the rainwater harvesting tanks can lead to a large reduction in business or household utility bills. With this in mind, keeping your systems well maintained is essential if you want an ongoing supply of clean water. As such this article will discuss:

  • Why you should maintain your rain harvesting tank 
  • What procedures you should take 
  • Final considerations
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Why You Should Maintain Your Galvanised Steel Water Tanks

Galvanised steel water tanks are incredibly useful pieces of technology that are used to safely store large quantities of water for commercial uses. They are reliable, tough, long lasting and are finished with a galvanised coating to prevent premature rust and corrosion of the tank. What’s useful about galvanised water tanks is that they are supplied in kits/sections to minimise transportation cost and can be assembled by simply two trained people. Applications such as rainwater harvesting, farming and many more require the use of galvanised water tanks with sizes varying from 9000 litres (1980 gallons) – 500,000 litres (109,985 gallons).

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What Is Hydroblasting and Why to Consider It

Professionally cleaning large systems that help with the functionality of your operations is necessary if you want to experience continued results. One of the ways in which this can be achieved is through a term called ‘hydroblasting’. As the name suggests, the processes of blasting water out from a pressurised area at a high speed can result in astronomical forces being created. This can be hugely beneficial if you want something like a water tank being cleaned quickly and effectively. With this in mind, this article will discuss: 

  • What is hydroblasting?
  • What are its benefits?
  • Final considerations
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The Safety of Water Tank Access Hatches

Water tank access hatches are vital components of water tanks. Without them, it is virtually impossible to enter the tanks and get into the smallest of nooks and crannies. In addition, without having a feasible access point, it can make your maintenance procedure incredibly difficult. Not to mention, this can cause major problems especially if you need your water storage container for long periods of time. 

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