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What is Bund?

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A bund, or secondary containment, is a framework created to prevent leaks or spills from a primary tank or vessel. Bund lining is a type of surface treatment developed to fortify the bund structure and enhance the fluid-tight properties of the bund.

Why do bunds need lining?

Not every bund requires lining however, it is advised to line a bund if it is intended to store harsh chemicals, such as sulphuric acid, that could potentially corrode the structure. In the event of a tank leak or crack, the acid could rapidly corrode the primary structure of the storage tank, potentially polluting the surrounding area.

Another common reason for bund lining is the identification of defects in the structure during inspection, typically involving issues such as cracking or fluid seepage. By addressing these problems through repairs and applying a suitable lining, the bund can be restored back to complete compliance, eliminating the risk of environmental damage in the event of a leak or spill.

As part of our excellent bunded tank lining service, we apply our ACOTHANE DW coating to do the above and more. Our bund coating will provide your tank with long term protection and resistance from chemical attacks, so your bunded tank continues to operate properly and as intended.

The COVAC bund lining service comes with a 10-year guarantee and is carried out by our fully trained and certified team. So, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the best possible service.

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Choosing the right bund lining

Choosing the appropriate bund lining requires careful consideration, as there is no universal option. Several factors need to be taken into account including:

  • Chemicals Present: Different bund linings possess varied chemical-resistant properties, making them unsuitable for certain chemicals. The method of chemical storage within the bund also influences the suitability of a specific bund lining.
  • Bund Condition: The condition of the bund is crucial. Previous surface contamination, cracks, or structural movement must be evaluated to ensure the maintenance of fluid tightness.
  • Access: Consider whether the bund will be traversed by pedestrians or vehicles. In such cases, a slip-resistant finish may be necessary to ensure safe access.

As general guideline, opting for a flexible bund lining is advisable when lining concrete and brick bunds, as it allows some accommodation for future cracking or movement. However, it's important to note that flexible bund linings typically offer lower levels of chemical resistance.

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Chemical Bund Lining

As experts in tank lining and relining with over 25 years of industry experience, there is very rarely a tank lining scenario we cannot solve. Thankfully, here at COVAC, we have had numerous situations where clients have enquired about our chemical bund lining services.

We understand that there is every possibility that leaks and spillages can occur in a chemical bund, which is why our chemical bund lining service is simply second to none and will no doubt give you greater longevity for your chemical bund. Our ACOTHANE DW coating will provide your tank with long term protection and resistance from chemical attacks, so your bunded tank continues to operate properly.

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What is bund lining?

A bund lining is installed in tanks to prevent leaks and spillage of potentially hazardous materials. This type of lining is used far less in water tanks and more frequently in containment facilities that hold acidic, corrosive, and dangerous liquids.

Does bund lining by COVAC come with warranty?

Yes! All tank lining we install, including bund lining, includes a warranty of 10 years. We are confident in the quality of our products and services and strive to assure you of complete satisfaction with the work we do.

What are the benefits of applying a bund lining?

Bund lining prevents corrosion or irreversible damage to your tank. Fibreglass and Polyurea bund lining provide structural integrity to your tank and have a life expectancy of almost thirty years to offer peace of mind that the hazardous materials contained within won’t escape. Furthermore, bund lining offers fantastic longevity and is incredibly easy to clean.


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