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Concrete Tank Lining

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Concrete tank lining is essential in concrete liquid retaining structures, as they can be subject to erosion and deterioration if they are not sufficiently protected. At COVAC we offer a well-proven concrete tank relining service so you can ensure that your concrete tank is resistant to erosion.

Our fully trained and certified teams use our ACOTHANE DW coating to line your tank, so you can reap all of the benefits of the excellent lining. The coating we apply will not only have high impact resistance, but it will also be easier for you to maintain and will be quick and simple to repair if you have any faults.

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Concrete Tank Lining Systems

If you are searching for effective maintenance procedures to help prolong the life of your concrete tank lining systems, look no further than COVAC. As experts in water tank lining and relining with over 25 years of industry experience, we understand that having suitable valuable concrete tank lining systems in place can prolong the life and usefulness of your concrete water tank. Since concrete tanks can be susceptible to erosion and deterioration, it is imperative that your structures are sufficiently protected in order to avoid any expensive costs or full on tank replacements.

At COVAC, we offer tried and tested concrete tank relining systems maintenance procedures so you can ensure that your concrete tank is resistant to erosion and any other unwanted aspects of general wear and tear. Fill out our contact form below for more information about our tank relining and repair services today.

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How do you waterproof a concrete water tank?

By installing concrete tank lining! Concrete is a highly porous material that absorbs water over time due to its primary materials being gravel, sand, cement and water. The lining essentially acts as a barrier between the concrete and the water inside your tank, preventing the surface of the concrete tank from absorbing the water and sustaining damage.

Why is concrete tank lining important?

Concrete tank lining is important to prevent irreparable damage to your water tank. Over time, without proper maintenance or effective tank lining, concrete water tanks can crack, split, and naturally fall apart. To ensure the longevity of your tank and prevent the necessity for a replacement, you should endeavour to install lining to prevent severe damage.

How can COVAC help with concrete tank lining?

Here at COVAC, we have over 25 years of experience installing tank lining across the UK and Scotland. We’re highly efficient and knowledgeable in the correct course of action for your specific tank and offer a 10-year guarantee on all our work. We use our specially-designed Acothane DW to coat all tanks we work on to ensure maximum longevity for your tank.


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