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Water tank lining is essential to keep your water retaining structure protected from corrosion and erosion that can lead to bacteria growth. If your water tank coating does not properly protect the substrate of your tank you could end up with significant damage and an increased chance of bacteria like legionella harbouring in your structure.

Here at COVAC, we provide a superb water tank relining service. Our professional team will apply our excellent ACOTHANE DW coating to your water tank, to provide full protection so it can function with no problems.

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Water Tank Relining

As experts in water tank relining with over 25 years of industry experience, we understand that water tanks play a pivotal role in providing an efficient water facility to domestic and industrial places. We also recognise that over time, due to wear and tear, water tanks can experience signs of corrosion. Because of this, people often assume that the first plan of action is to replace the system entirely, however, this can be quite costly and time-consuming.

Here at COVAC, we offer a high-quality water tank relining service which eliminates the need to spend fortunes on replacing the entire tank. We offer water tank relining solutions that are not only cost-effective, but come with a COVAC 10 year guarantee so that you experience a long lasting solution for all problems related to your water storage tanks. Contact us by filling out a form below!

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How long does water tank lining last?

Our Acothane DW tank lining can withstand a decade of constant use without requiring additional coats or upgrades to maintain optimal efficiency. Ordinary brands of water tank lining may only last for three to five years before needing a replacement. But clearly, Acothane DW is superior in quality and durability.

Why should I choose COVAC for water tank lining?

Here at COVAC, we ensure the fast and efficient installation of durable and effective lining that will protect your tank from damage for years to come. We offer a 10-year guarantee on our tank lining services across the UK and Scotland, which has helped us to build an enviable reputation over our excess of 25 years in business!

Why is water tank lining important?

Tank lining is essential to keeping your water tank in good condition to guarantee optimal efficiency. Without lining, bacteria, organic matter, and naturally occurring deterioration can considerably shorten the lifespan of your water tank, which could demand a total replacement of your tank. Replacement is costly, time-consuming, and will leave your building without a tank for some time. But lining is cost-efficient and far faster by comparison.

What is water tank lining made from?

Here at COVAC, we use a lining named Acothane DW, which is made of a highly hydrophobic substance, Polyurethane. Polyurethane disallows water ingress and prevents bacteria from reaching the surface of your water tank, which will prevent deterioration and irreparable damage.


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