Understanding Cooling Tower Corrosion

Cooling towers are important in a wide variety of buildings. As such, facility managers should be aware of cooling tower corrosion as an issue. 

Most importantly, as a site manager you should know how to prevent corrosion in your cooling tower. Corrosion can impact the performance of your cooling tower, having a knock on effect for the entire facility. 

With proper maintenance cooling tower corrosion, for the most part, can be prevented and sometimes even reversed. As a team with a wealth of maintenance experience, at COVAC can attest to this. 

This article will provide you with an extensive overview of cooling tower corrosion. We will explore in more detail how it occurs, as well as common preventative maintenance you can perform. Continue reading to get all the information. 

What is the Purpose of Cooling Towers?

Simply put, a cooling tower removes excess heat from your industrial facility through evaporative cooling. It removes heat from water by evaporating a small amount of it that is recirculated in the unit. It is commonly used to cool water, as well as a huge heat exchanger. 

In an industrial facility, a cooling tower plays a vital role in ensuring optimal temperatures. Thus, it needs to be well maintained and certainly free of any corrosion or signs of decay. 

Now you understand the purpose of a cooling tower, let’s take a look at the causes of corrosion and preventative measures you need to implement. 

What Causes Corrosion in Cooling Towers?

Corrosion in these systems is of course bad, as it impacts performance. Corrosion occurs due to a number of reasons. Whether it’s because of oxygen exposure or the pH level of the water, regardless of the cause, it is important to diagnose and fix the issue promptly. Here are some of the chief causes for corrosion in more detail: 

  • Oxygen Exposure

If oxygen is able to enter your water tank, it can react with its metal surface thus initiating oxidation. When left untreated for longer periods of time, this can turn into corrosion.

  • Water Quality

Another reason your tank might start corroding is poor water quality. The minerals in poor quality water lead to scale formation. Moreover, ions like chlorine and sulphate can increase the corrosion rate.

  • Microorganic Activity

Bacteria, algae, fungi and other microorganisms found in your water tank can also promote and speed up the corrosion process. 

How to Prevent Corrosion in Your Cooling Tower?

Understanding the steps which can be taken to reduce the chances of corrosion is important. Below are some preventative measures you can implement. In most cases, this will guarantee the longevity of your cooling tower.

  • Implement Cooling Tower Lining

One thing which can be done to stop corrosion is installing cooling tower lining. This is a vital maintenance step which involves adding a protective coating to the walls of your cooling tower. Doing so can reduce the likelihood of bacteria growth and corrosion while also improving water quality

  • Regular Maintenance

Having someone with experience, perform regular maintenance task is another essential step to preventing corrosion. Not only is this able to prolong the life of your tower, but it can help identify issues before they have any detrimental effect.

  • Water Treatment

As stated, water can play a vital role in the early degradation of your cooling towers. Therefore, it is important to have the water regularly examined and treated. Monitoring and adjusting pH levels, as well as chemical treatments, can ensure the water quality is sufficient and not likely to initiate corrosion.

  • Filtration 

In some cases, filtration may also help clear bits of debris or other items compromising the contents of the cooling tower. Ensuring filtration is completed helps preserve the quality of the water and subsequently decrease the chances of corrosion.

Cooling Tower Maintenance by COVAC

If you are looking to invest in the longevity of your cooling tower and avoid corrosion, it is highly recommended to hire a professional who can complete regular maintenance. 

The team at COVAC offers both maintenance and lining for cooling towers, which can preserve the quality of the asset as well as decrease the likelihood of premature corrosion. If you would like to enquire about the following services, contact us today and speak to an advisor. We are available to guide you through the process, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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