Our Recent Audit & Recertification By BSI

We were recently audited by BSI here at COVAC and are delighted to announce we have again achieved our BSI-certified status that complies with requirements 9001:2015. To achieve this, we were required to pass the BSI standards test for Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems. Read below to discover more about how we achieved this.

The Standards

To become BSI certified, we have to meet set standards designed to make your organisation more innovative and productive. Businesses of all sizes use the BSI standards to operate more effectively, as the standards are proven to improve performance, reduce risk and create more sustainable environments. The featured standards we had to meet included the Quality Management Standard, which involves operating more efficiently. Also, the Environmental Management Standards, which reduce waste and improve our environmental image.

The Process of Becoming BSI Certified

BSI not only develops the standards but also tests businesses on the standards using independent experts. The idea is to transfer the knowledge from experts to business staff to improve businesses. The certification process followed by BSI is listed below:

  1. Contact BSI to let them know what standard you are aiming to meet.
  2. BSI then provides a proposal detailing the costs and time involved in the formal assessment.
  3. BSI will assign you to an assessment team and a dedicated client manager.
  4. BSI also provides training workshops, seminars, or training courses to bring staff up to the certification level.
  5. Optional pre-assessment provided by BSI to identify any omissions or weaknesses that need to be resolved before the final assessment.
  6. The assessment then follows pre-assessment and comprises several stages depending on the chosen standard.
  7. Once the assessment is passed you receive your certificate of registration.
  8. The standards do not stop there though as your dedicated client manager will carry out ongoing assessments to support continual improvement at your business

The Benefits of BSI Certification

BSI certification has many benefits as BSI match their assessors’ industry experience to the needs of the company, so they know to understand the challenges within your sector. Access is also granted to BSI’s assurance portal which provides you with 24/7 access to crucial BSI assessment information. During the assessment you will be guided through the process by BSI advisors which will provide you with support and our technical specialists will also be available for any complex issues which arise. BSI is also independently evaluated for its competence and performance capability to ensure that they deliver the best service to clients.

Now you understand the BSI process, it is time for you to use an accredited service provider when you next require tank repairs or refurbishment services. Contact us today if you require further information about our services.

  • Cert No. 22946

  • Cert No. 22946