How To Combat a Leaking Water Tank

Concrete water tanks outside of an industrial building

When you are faced with water tank leaking it is a stressful situation to deal with and it can be difficult to find to the cause of the leak. So, if you are met with the event of a leaking water tank, we have put together a guide in our latest blog article. So, read on to find out how you can combat water tank leaks.

Spotting Risk Factors & Identifying Signs Of Damage

Water storage tanks are subject to corrosion and pressure from water and other liquids which are stored within the tank. The weight of these liquids can place pressure on the joints, the walls and the base of the structure. Over time this pressure can lead to wear and tear which may result in corrosion by the contamination of the water. Leaks can then develop from this pressure which allows further contamination as the foreign materials and bacteria have a greater ability to enter the tank via the leaking point.

Carrying out in-house water testing will suggest whether you have a leak as it will allow you to identify whether bacteria levels have increased in your water tank. You should ensure that you have the correct procedures in place to monitor and control the risk of Legionella bacteria. Depending on the location of your water retaining structure, if you have a leak, it may cause water damage to nearby equipment and other structures. If your bunds are damaged or you have no bunds present, leaks can cause damage more quickly. So, you should complete regular visual inspections to allow you to spot problems earlier so repairs are less costly.

Preventing Leaks

You may have heard it many times before, but prevention is a better solution rather than the cure, so preventing a leak before it has taken place is essential in maintaining the functioning of your water tank. A water tank leaking can affect more than just your operation, which is why you need to act quickly if there is anything wrong with your water storage tank. If a leaking tank is left untreated it can cause environmental damage which will require time-consuming and costly repairs to fix.

So, if you find any cracks or breaks in your water tank, the team here at Covac are here to ensure that your storage tank doesn’t cause any later issues. Our water tank repair service will involve applying a new tank lining, fixing any cracks or breaks in the structure so it can function properly with no faults. You should carry out regular inspections to maintain your water tank so you can be aware of any issues before they arise.

Leaking water tank

What To Do If It Is Too Late

If the leakage in your water tank is beyond repair, don’t panic as our experts have dealt with all sorts of water tank damage so we can provide you with an effective solution. We specialise in carrying out emergency repairs on damaged water tanks, so we can ensure that your water tank is back up and running as soon as possible. When fixing your tank, we can drain the tank and prepare it for repair before relining your water retaining structure.

We will also check your water to ensure it is suitable for its use. Once our repairs are complete you will be left with a water tank featuring the highest quality tank lining applied to it. This will eliminate the risk of future leaks, but you will need to be consistent with maintenance checks to ensure your tank operates at full capacity.

So, now you know how to combat a leaking water tank, it is over to you to make sure that you avoid issues with your water storage tanks. If you require further information on our services here at Covac, get in touch with us today.

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