How To Combat a Leaking Water Tank

Concrete water tanks outside of an industrial building

When you are faced with water tank leaking it is a stressful situation to deal with and it can be difficult to find to the cause of the leak. So, if you are met with the event of a leaking water tank, we have put together a guide in our latest blog article. So, read on to find out how you can combat water tank leaks.

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How To Stop Erosion in Water Tanks

Eroded concrete water tank before being relined

Knowing how to stop tank corrosion in concrete water tanks is essential. In recent years, concrete water tanks have become popular as they are a cheap and highly accessible alternative to steel water tanks. Although water tanks are strong and durable, they’re still susceptible to tank corrosion. So, in this article, we will talk you through what you can do to prevent tank corrosion in your concrete water tanks.

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