How To Combat a Leaking Water Tank

Concrete water tanks outside of an industrial building

When you are faced with water tank leaking it is a stressful situation to deal with and it can be difficult to find to the cause of the leak. So, if you are met with the event of a leaking water tank, we have put together a guide in our latest blog article. So, read on to find out how you can combat water tank leaks.

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Our Recent Audit & Recertification By BSI

We were recently audited by BSI here at COVAC and are delighted to announce we have again achieved our BSI-certified status that complies with requirements 9001:2015. To achieve this, we were required to pass the BSI standards test for Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems. Read below to discover more about how we achieved this.

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  • Cert No. 22946

  • Cert No. 22946