The Old Bailey – Project 1663 Completed March 2018

Here at COVAC, we are proud to have been involved in upgrading steel, Braithwaite, Sectional, and Potable water storage tanks, located within the Plant Room of The Old Bailey. The Old Bailey is the colloquial name of The Central Criminal Court of England and Wales, located in London.

As part of our client’s proactive water hygiene regime, we thoroughly inspected both tanks and the existing internal coating, which had reached the end of its life. The deterioration of the internal coating was accelerated and formed holes in numerous areas, causing water leakage into the plant room.

Replacing these tanks in a sensitive, high-profile location would have been impractical and cost-prohibitive. So, we had to design a bespoke solution that would restore the tanks and have them operating as they were when brand new.

Additionally, the client wanted the comfort of a long-term guarantee, covering all problems associated with tanks of this kind. For example, leaking and corrosion are common problems that develop over prolonged use. While having a fully encapsulated and durable internal surface that would be easy to inspect and clean in the future.

This project on The Old Bailey was not without its challenges. Anybody who has heard the phrase ‘SILENCE IN COURT!’ could understand that noise was a major concern for the client throughout this project. Thus, all relatively noisy preparation was conducted during the evenings once court proceedings had stopped to meet the client’s needs.

Another challenge we faced during the process of restoring the tanks of The Old Bailey was the confined space available to work. The only means of access and egress we had was a 600mm access hatch located on the roof of the tank. To remedy this problem, our Rescue Plan had to include an escape route from the tank (following the Confined Space Working Regulations). This would allow safe and reasonable access for a potentially injured person to be removed from the tank in the case of an accident.

This was difficult due to the restrictions on tripod installation and only being able to access the roof of the tank through a 60cm gap between the internal roof of the plant room and the tank itself.


To install a new stainless steel low-level access hatch into one of the steel panels of the tank.


We achieved safe and easy access for our operatives and whoever carries out cleaning and chlorination on the tanks of The Old Bailey in the future. 


Here at COVAC, we can provide your business with services similar to those conducted on The Old Bailey, and much more! We offer bespoke solutions to our clients to ensure you receive the services and quality of care you deserve, cost-effectively. 

If you’re interested in speaking with a member of our team, whether you’re looking for tank relining, refurbishment, or the total replacement of an inspection hatch, contact us now to start your journey with us.

“Your guys did a really good job, COVAC were very professional and completed the works on programme and on budget in a very sensitive site. I would have no hesitation in using your company again. Thank you”

Carmel Mc Gowan – Senior Principle Engineer, Operations Group City Surveyors Department, City of London Corporation

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