How To Clean A Water Tank

If you’re asking yourself how to clean a water tank, you’ve come to the right place. Water storage tanks are essential to preserving water for distribution networks, domestic use, or commercial purposes. The water you store should be kept in the best conditions at all times. Especially if you use your tank for potable water storage.

Many things can happen to your water tank that compromises the quality of the water inside. So, if your water tank needs a good cleaning, this article will tell you how to clean a water tank.

Water tank damage

One of the most common ways in which water tank damage can occur is through small cracks and cavities that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Through these cracks, bacteria and mould can infiltrate your water tank and multiply. If left for long periods, a complete water tank cleaning will be necessary to restore the integrity of your potable water storage

Breeding bacteria can produce unpleasant smells and tastes. This is because the multiplying bacteria can react negatively with the water molecules, and release toxic chemicals that can result in sickness if the water is ingested or even cause problems to your water tank itself. 

Algae, sludge, and sediment build-up are all substances that can develop as a result of bacteria flourishing and thriving in your water tank environment. Not only will they make you very sick, but the internal systems of your water tank can be blocked and even begin to erode.


So, how to clean a water tank? Although regular cleaning and chlorination are vital to maintaining your water tank and preventing water tank damage, we always recommend that water tank owners have a coating system installed in their tanks. Here at COVAC, we offer a specialised coating system that is proven to defy the growth of harmful bacteria, which reduces the need for regular cleaning. 

The COVAC coating system not only prevents the development of harmful bacteria. But also prevents avoidable corrosion of steel on all GRP surfaces. Installing this system will eliminate the possibility of a full tank replacement before its time and save you money in the process. 

Your tank should be cleaned bi-yearly, and you should always contact a trained professional. Working in confined spaces can be dangerous, and accidents can happen. So you should always contact a professional when the time comes to clean your water tank. We do not recommend that you clean your water tank yourself.


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