How To Prepare Your Water Storage Tank For Winter

In the winter, your water storage tank is susceptible to freezing and a decrease in functionality if you’re not engaging in any winter preparation. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to ensure that once winter is over, you can still use your water tank and don’t need to make any drastic fixes.

This guide will teach you about things you can do to prepare your tank for winter. 

Buy a large tank.

If you have already bought a water storage tank, this step won’t be helpful for you. But if you’re doing extensive research before buying a tank, this is the best reason to invest in a larger tank.

The science behind this is that the larger the body of water is, the longer it will take to freeze. So, by giving your water more space, you’ll decrease the chances that your water will freeze and render your tank non-functional.

Install a water heating system.

Water Heating Systems are a costly but very beneficial addition to your water storage tank and possibly one of the best methods of winter preparation.

They’re incredibly efficient at heating the water in cold temperatures and preventing it from freezing and can be stored in the summer when not in use.

Invest in water tank lining.

Here at COVAC, we install multiple types of water tank lining that will act as an insulator for your water storage tank and prevent the water inside from freezing.

Water tank lining also helps to prevent the build-up of sediment in your tanks, which can be a terrible hindrance to the efficiency of your tank. Both in its function and how well it stays heated in freezing temperatures.

If you suspect that there might be sediment in your tank, you should ask a professional to conduct a proper evaluation and have the sediment removed.

Investigate for damage.

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that your water storage tank doesn’t freeze in winter is to check for any weaknesses in the pipes and the tank itself.

Storage tanks naturally corrode over time due to the materials you’re storing. Water tanks can develop holes and cracks that can be difficult to notice but it is important to thoroughly check for damage before winter, as the water inside of the tank will be more susceptible to freezing and cause the tank to expand and damage more. 

If the pipes connected to your tank are damaged, they will leak, and make it easier for your water to freeze. As frozen water expands, so do the materials around it. When your pipes are already more brittle due to low temperatures, they can become unusable if left unchecked.

Ensure that there is no water tank sediment.

Water tank sediment will make it more difficult for your water heating system to make any difference to the temperature of the water. If there is a barrier between the water and your heater, the water will be far more likely to freeze and damage your tank.

You should hire a professional to evaluate your tank’s condition before winter begins so you can have the tank thoroughly cleaned and avoid further issues. 

The best method of winter preparation is asking an expert to check your tank. Contact us today and have one of our highly trained professionals ensure that your water storage tank is fit for winter.

Here at COVAC, we install multiple types of water tank lining that will act as an insulator for your water storage tank and prevent the water inside from freezing. 

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