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Welcome to COVAC - Tank Relining Specialists

COVAC are an Applicator of Acothane DW Solvent Free Polyurethane which has been specifically formulated for water tank coating and water tank lining. We are the industry leaders in providing long-term protective solutions to combat the problem of corrosion and erosion of water storage tanks utilising the very best high performance, solvent free technology. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, we provide customers with the high quality of work in our preparation and application methods. Whether you need a water tank repair, water tank refurbishment, or a water tank coating, COVAC can help you out! Click here to find out why you should use our alternative to water tank replacement.

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Water Tank Lining, Water Tank Refurbishments and Coating & More

To find out more about COVAC and the services we provide, check out the case studies below. Each case study provides an overview of a project we've worked on.

We've worked with a large list of clients, on a wide array of different project types (water tank repair, tank reline, tank coating, cooling tower refurbishment, etc.). With every project that we undertake and complete, the client is provided with a full COVAC completion report.

Rest assured we will provide a quality service and have a strong background working with public and private companies, from a variety of clients and institutes such as colleges, university’s, care homes, property management companies, retain chains, hospitals and more.

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What We Do

We specialise in water tank repair, water tank refurbishment, water tank coating and water tank lining for a water tank replacement. Regardless of size, location or type of water storage tank or structure, COVAC will provide a safe, long-term solution for water retaining structures. All our work comes with a 10 year guarantee, so you can rest in peace that our work will be to the highest standards. We offer services such as:

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