What is DWI Approval?

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Obtaining DWI approval is vital in the water industry. But who is the DWI, and why is it so important that you are DWI approved? In this article, we will discuss what DWI approval really means and how it is attained. We will also look at some DWI approved products that have met the standards, as well as finer details of DWI acceptance including Regulation 31. 

At Covac, we have DWI approval and are listed providers of drinking water tanks and water tank lining. Here is why this is something to be proud of.

Who Is The DWI?

The DWI is the Drinking Water Inspectorate, a governing body founded in 1990 to provide the public with safe, clean drinking water. Their goal is to ensure that people working in the water industry are meeting clear standards that are set in law across England and Wales. 

In Scotland, there is the DWQR, the Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland. 

They are in charge of assessing incidents that potentially affect drinking water quality. Additionally, they investigate complaints, audit operating practices and oversee the enforcement of regulations for private water companies.

The DWI is designated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a Collaborating Centre for Drinking Water Safety. This recognises their ability to provide a high standard of drinking water inspection by a globally recognised leader in health and wellbeing. 

Why Are The DWI Important?

The drinking water inspectorate is important as clean drinking water is a basic right in England and Wales, and having an independent regulator is a great way of ensuring that standards are upheld. 

DWI operates within a legal framework that enforces water quality standards. This includes compliance with both national and European regulations, ensuring the water supplied meets rigorous safety and quality criteria.

DWI inspectors independently check the tests that drinking water providers conduct on a daily basis to ensure that standards are being met. They can invoke their power to ensure that the providers make sufficient changes should they fail their inspection.

What is Regulation 31?

Regulation 31 is an article implemented by the Council of European Union Drinking Water Directive in England and Wales. It is in place to monitor the use of chemicals and construction products used by water providers from the source right up to the point of delivery.

Regulations are in place to ensure any substances and products used in the treatment and distribution of public water supplies do not adversely affect the quality of the water or the health of the public.

Drinking water products will need to show compliance with Regulation 31 to obtain DWI approval. Some chemicals are permitted for use in drinking water, and these include:

  • Algicide
  • Chlorine
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Muriatic Acid
  • Soda Ash or Sodium Bicarbonate

What are DWI Approved Products?

If drinking water providers are DWI approved and are successfully adhering to Regulation 31, they can have their products listed by the DWI for approval. Some of the products that need DWI approval to be used in drinking water production include:

list of products that need DWI Approval

What Are The Benefits Of DWI Approval?

DWI approval has several benefits: from assurance of quality and safety to environmental benefits. Here are a few reasons why DWI approval is very beneficial to both businesses, consumers and the general public.

  • Quality and safety – DWI approval ensures that products used in water supply systems do not compromise the quality of drinking water.
  • Regulatory compliance – compliance with Regulation 31 is mandatory for suppliers of materials and products used in public water supplies.
  • Environmental benefits – using DWI-approved materials can improve efficiency within water supply systems, reducing any maintenance issues. Approved products naturally align with best practices for the environment, too.
  • Market credibility and trust – consumers and clients put greater trust in products that undertake rigorous testing.

Who Needs DWI Approval?

Any entity or individual involved in the manufacture, supply, installation, maintenance, or regulation of products and materials that come into contact with drinking water in the UK needs to obtain DWI approval.

This ensures that the products meet the high-quality standards set by the Drinking Water Inspectorate to protect public health.

How Can The Public Assist The DWI?

The public can assist the DWI with keeping water quality high by using approved contractors for any plumbing tasks. 36% of water quality failures in homes in England, and 51% of failures in homes in Wales are a result of plumbing issues in customers’ properties.

There are many things that can affect water quality in our homes, and these are completely avoidable. Things such as incorrectly connected dishwashers and washing machines, corroded taps and fittings and misconnections to waste pipes can all lower the quality of our water.

COVAC’s Commitment to Quality

At COVAC, we are DWI listed, meaning that we have gained approval from DWI to have our products listed. This includes our incredible Acothane lining: a revolutionary product that is changing how water tanks perform. 

For more information about DWI approval and our range of DWI approved products, contact our expert team today.

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