What Is Hydroblasting and Why to Consider It

Professionally cleaning large systems that help with the functionality of your operations is necessary if you want to experience continued results. One of the ways in which this can be achieved is through a term called ‘hydroblasting’. As the name suggests, the processes of blasting water out from a pressurised area at a high speed can result in astronomical forces being created. This can be hugely beneficial if you want something like a water tank being cleaned quickly and effectively. With this in mind, this article will discuss: 

  • What is hydroblasting?
  • What are its benefits?
  • Final considerations

What is Hydroblasting?

For some of you reading this blog, you may be asking yourself “What is hydroblasting?”. Well, it is a cleaning technique which relies on the energy of water striking a surface to achieve a deep cleaning effect. In some cases, the force is so strong that it can completely demolish concrete (also known as hydrodemolition) so any stubborn stains or sticky residue has absolutely no chance of adhering to any industrial surface.

The water that is expelled onto the desired surface typically comes in the form of a high powered jet washer. The jet washer uses electricity to power a pump system, which then accelerates the water at a high pressure. Despite being a lot more powerful, they actually use less water than a standard garden hose, making these devices incredibly efficient. However, it is important to note that these handy pieces of water tank cleaning equipment require specialist training and experience to use. This is because in some cases, they can damage paint work and other materials that are more delicate.

Thankfully, the staff here at COVAC are highly skilled and have an impressive track record in both the public and private sectors for providing water tank lining, repairs and anything of similar nature. You can rest assured they will get the job you desire completed to an exceptional standard without damaging your systems. 

The Benefits of Hydroblasting:

Numerous Applications

One of the first major benefits of hydroblasting is that it has a wide variety of uses. Generally speaking, this method is used for cleaning thick dirt and debris that can build upon a number of industrial surfaces. From the inside of a water tank to massive concrete areas. In addition, this method can also be used for removing all types of road markings, pollution, rubbish, animal waste and other materials safely from areas and restoring them back to their original state. 


Hydroblasting does not require harmful chemicals or dangerous substances in order to achieve effective cleaning results. As a result, individuals or trained professionals who use jet washers to conduct their thorough cleaning methods can have peace of mind knowing they are not in the presence of dangerous chemicals which could harm their health.


Due to the sheer power of the pressurised water, hydroblasting is one of the most effective methods for achieving accurate results. As we have previously discussed, grime and other sticky residue can develop on industrial surfaces so by using the high powered jet washes you can precisely clean stubborn marks in sharp crevices and corners. Not to mention, the physical handling of such devices can be easy to control which only further improves the preciseness of your cleaning activity. 

Quick and Efficient 

Hydroblasting is a quick and efficient way of cleaning difficult surfaces. As a result, it reduces the downtime of businesses so that they can be ready for operation in a timely manner. In addition, instead of having to deal with standard industrial cleaning solutions, you can have the job done in no time at all due to its naturally quick cleaning procedure. This is of course if you call a trained cleaning professional like the ones here at COVAC. 

Environmentally Friendly

As we have previously mentioned, no chemicals or harmful solutions are used for this cleaning method to prosper. It is well documented that there are no fumes or pollution directly caused by hydroblasting and as such, it passes many environmental regulations and can help companies reach their sustainability targets. 
If you require any water tank cleaning or systems of similar nature, get in contact with one of our experienced team members today on 01455 556 631 or alternatively email us on info@covac.co.uk

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