Why You Should Maintain Your Galvanised Steel Water Tanks

Galvanised steel water tanks are incredibly useful pieces of technology that are used to safely store large quantities of water for commercial uses. They are reliable, tough, long lasting and are finished with a galvanised coating to prevent premature rust and corrosion of the tank. What’s useful about galvanised water tanks is that they are supplied in kits/sections to minimise transportation cost and can be assembled by simply two trained people. Applications such as rainwater harvesting, farming and many more require the use of galvanised water tanks with sizes varying from 9000 litres (1980 gallons) – 500,000 litres (109,985 gallons).

Today, galvanised steel tanks come with an inner poly lining. This provides additional protection to the steel tank from the rainwater stored which limits the amount of rust and corrosion developing. It also helps to prevent leaks at welded joints, which can be a weak point in steel tanks and be a major cause for water leaks. The inner poly lining in galvanised steel tanks also stops zinc mixing into your rainwater which can give your water an unpleasant metallic taste.

As such, it is absolutely pivotal that you keep your galvanised steel water tanks maintained. Although the properties of galvanised tanks remove the development of corrosion and rusting, they still need to be maintained to continue it’s lifespan. This is because sometimes, the lining of the tank can become dislodged which means the tank’s material may naturally come into contact with other metals. If a situation occurs where zinc, for example, comes into contact with another metal, the potential for galvanic corrosion can exists which reduces the usefulness of the tank.

With this in mind, it is important that the correct maintenance products are carried out as excessive abrading of the galvanised tanks means that rust and corrosion can occur more quickly. This is because ‘galvanizing’ protects steel from corrosion by developing a thin barrier film of insoluble zinc corrosion on the outer surface when it is exposed to the atmosphere. Abrasive cleaning will wash away this corroded zinc consequently requiring another build up of this protective barrier which only consumes more of the zinc. As a result, this process will reduce the life of your galvanised steel product.

You’ll be pleased to know that here at COVAC we provide expert maintenance of your galvanised water tanks no matter what condition they may be in. Our highly trained and qualified cleaning engineers will solve any problems you may have from full on water tank relining to repairs. For more info contact us on 01455 556 631 or alternatively email us at info@covac.co.uk