What Are The Benefits Of Installing An Attenuation Tank

Installing an attenuation tank can provide numerous benefits for you and your property, from reducing flood risk to improving water quality. These tanks also support sustainable development by promoting the reuse of rainwater for irrigation or industrial processes. Discover how attenuation tank installation can offer both environmental and economic advantages for your property.

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Proactive Water Tank Maintenance Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Tank

Water tanks are the silent guardians of our water supply. They perform an incredibly important role for many industries. Yet, all too often, we neglect our water tanks until an issue arises, jeopardising both the quality of our water and the longevity of our tanks. 

Adopting a proactive approach to water tank maintenance is not only a responsible choice but a crucial one in safeguarding our water security and infrastructure. In this article, we delve into essential proactive maintenance tips that will not only prolong the life of your water tank but also ensure a consistent and reliable water supply for years to come. 

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What are the Different Tank Lining Materials – Our Guide

An image of tanks, with writing on the top of the image "your guide to tank lining materials"

From storing drinking water to various industrial applications, water tanks are essential for the operation of many buildings. To ensure the longevity of your water tank, choosing the right tank lining materials is crucial. 

In this article, we will look at the different options and factors to take into consideration when selecting a tank lining material for your installation. 

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What to Look For in a Water Tank Inspection Expert

a water tank expert checking a water tank. Writing over the top of the image says "What to look for in a water tank expert".

Water tank maintenance is essential not only for prolonging the lifespan of your water tank, but also ensuring the quality of stored water. For this task, it is highly recommended to hire a professional who can complete a water tank inspection, identify what needs to be done and complete the job. 

But do you know what to look for when hiring a professional for your water tank maintenance needs? Here is what to look for in a water tank inspection expert. 

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What are the Cold Water Storage Tanks Regulations?

If you have a storage water tank, you need to make sure you follow the cold water tanks regulations. You’re required to regularly inspect and maintain your cold water tanks to keep them in a condition suitable for operation. 

Here is everything you need to know about cold water storage tanks regulations and the dangers of not following them. 

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What is Water Tank Interior Coating and Why is it Important?

An image of the interior of a water tank. Text over the top says "water tank interior coating why is it important"

If you have a cold water tank at your facility you might be thinking about getting a water tank interior coating. But are you aware of all the benefits of installing a water tank lining? 

In this article we cover everything you should know about interior water tank lining and its importance. 

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How to Improve Water Quality with Water Tank Relining

The quality of your stored water is non-negotiable. Whether you’re safeguarding your drinkable water supply, protecting your industrial operations or ensuring agricultural yields, the condition of your water tank is important. 

A well-maintained storage tank can help significantly improve the water quality of your water by preventing bacteria from entering your tank. 

How to improve water quality and how can water tank relining help maintain the quality of water in your tank? Let’s explore more on the topic! 

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Understanding Cooling Tower Corrosion

Cooling towers are important in a wide variety of buildings. As such, facility managers should be aware of cooling tower corrosion as an issue. 

Most importantly, as a site manager you should know how to prevent corrosion in your cooling tower. Corrosion can impact the performance of your cooling tower, having a knock on effect for the entire facility. 

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How to Manage Legionella in Building Water Systems

All domestic, commercial and industrial buildings have water systems which supply both drinking and non drinking water to occupants. Legionella is a big problem often found with this type of systems.

Regardless of the setting, it is important that building owners and managers take the necessary steps to combat Legionella. Not only is not doing this a law breaking act, but you put people at risk of contracting Legionnaires’ disease. In some cases this is fatal, so it is highly important to enforce the correct preventative measures. 

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